Memorialization is a tribute to your loved one. It provides the opportunity to express deeply felt emotion and to honour your loved one or beloved pet with a personal message. Memorialization helps you fight through the final stages of the grieving process by providing a permanent place for you to connect emotionally and spiritually with your loved one.

We at Eden Memorials believe memorialization is an aid to healing and a personal expression of love and honour. Together, we can select the design, colours and personal characteristics that best reflect the personality of your loved one.

We’re here for you.

A Range of Products

Eden Memorials offers a range of products, (including delivery and installation), to honour your loved one or your beloved pet including: grave markers (bronze and granite), vases, urns, monuments, sculptures and cairns. Eden is also available for repairing existing monuments.

As well, we design and develop products to recognize public service, employee service, etc. and support fundraising activities with donor walls, etched paving stones etc. We have stock items, however, custom items are frequently requested and we do our utmost to reflect the personality and character of the person or pet you wish to pay tribute to.

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